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  Here we all are at the "Big Event"! Do you recognize some of us? It was a great time and we wish Jim and Diane the best!    


Tropical Ranch Botanical Gardens could not exist without its volunteers!
TRBG is happy to have any and all people who love gardening, getting their hands in dirt, transplanting, and generally just talking about gardens and plants. During a plant sale we, as volunteers are asked many different questions, sometimes over and over, by visitors to the garden. You expect us to know the names of the plants, the best growing conditions, how often to water, etc. A majority of the volunteers are Martin County Master Gardeners, as are Jim Haines and Diane Rexroad. You may feel free to ask any and all questions about plants in the garden (they are always planted in the "right spot for the right plant") as we have been tutored by Diane who is the expert on her garden.

If we don't have the information you need, we have lots of books and references to point you to the location where your answer resides. We all want you to be able to grow the plants you buy from us and from elsewhere successfully.


Art Campbell paints ornaments June Marsden writes labels Marilyn Diamond sends cards Nicky and Hope identify plants Bob Leonard maintains herb garden.
Artist Art June writes labels Marilyn mails cards Nicky and Hope Bob pulls weeds